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Cycling for peace - Rowerem po pokój

The aim of the project is raising funds for Ukrainian war refrugees.

„ Cycling for Peace” is initiated by Alternata Fund volunteer – Piotr Burda

Since the begining of the war in Ukraine, Alternata Fund has been actively supporting the war victims. The decision to give accomodation to the victims of the Ukrainian war was taken immediately and without any hesitation. Together with volunteers and friends we made our best to let the people find their home. It was just three weeks when office rooms became cosy and safe homes for our foreign friends.

Preparing their accomodation, we were aware of the fact that the spontaniety in hearts of all the people involved may die out one day, that it may become more and more difficult for both them and us.

Beside the obstacles we have to face every single day, we do not give up, we go on, helping those in need and the needs are enormous. Since 20, March our Fundation has been taking care of fourteen refugee – mothers and their children. Eleven people have been living in the Fundation's office turned to apartments in Bytom, and the further three women and their children live in a flat in Chorzów rented by Alternata.

Alternata keeps providing a number of other people in need with groceries, chemicals, clothes and other basic everyday goods.

It was our volunteer – Piotr, who came out with the idea of the project: „Cycling for Peace”. The intention of the project is to raise the funds to help Ukrainian refugees and at the same time turn the attention of the world to what is happening here in the middle of the 21 century Europe every single day, which for many of us seemed impossible to have happen again, shouldn't have happend at all but to our despair it has and still is.

Piotr is going to ride on his bike the total of 1000km, travelling via Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Motenegro and Albania. The aim of his venture is to collect money for everyday, emergency needs, which we run out of on regular basis: food, medicine, shoes, clothes or just little pleasures like a cup of tea or coffee and a bar of chocolate or ice-cream for kids. Every donation made by you will help the Ukrainian refugees live their lives.

The ride is devided into 70km-long sections made daily in order to have time for meetings and talks about voluntary service and the help given to refugees. (Piotr speaks Serbo-Croatian).

All the money collected during this venture will be donated to provide war refugees of Alternata Fund with everyday needs.

How can you help the Fundation and Piotr to gain his aim?

You can support the Fund in different ways:


Making a direct payment on our account (with an annotation:”Peace”)

  • In PLN 21 1050 1230 1000 0090 8046 9050
  • In Euro 95 1050 1230 1000 0090 8046 9076
  • In USD 74 1050 1230 1000 0090 8160 6197

Please, make your payments now, every money you pay on our account is a real support for the war refrugees.

Przebieg trasy "Cycling for PEACE route:"


Piotr Burda

Volunteer of Alternata, skier, cyclist, journalist and traveller. Finished „Wisła 1200 Cycle Ultramarathon – 2020”, participant of „Cycle Ultramarathon East 2021”. What he loves doing most is cycling kilomteres on his own. Professionally, main editor of and

Why cycling Balkans?

When the war in ex-Yugoslavia ended , it seemed Europe was no longer threatened by any other military conflict. Then, there war 2014 – we did nothing. And then 24 of February 2022 – our neighbour – Ukraine, was attacked for the second time. It was the time when their war became „our” affair. Millions of refugees left their safe homes and were looking for a new place to live. Finally, they found their shelter with Polish families.

Become a sponsor or a media patron

Do you want to become a sponsor of the project or/and a media patron?

Contact us via email: admin@alternata or call: +48 555 576 380